Strategy, preparation and planning are a part of every Registry and Board of Appeals hearing.

The registry is a complex administrative agency that must follow their policies, procedures and protocols. Contrary to belief hearing officers do not have discretion. For the most part most people need their license to keep their job, pay their bills or support their family. These facts alone are not going to get your license back if you are suspended.

Going to the Registry is like going to Court, it is advisable to go with a lawyer who knows about the system and how it works and more importantly how it is going to be applied to you. Hearing officers do not give legal advice and for the most part you have one shot at the Registry suspension division then you must appeal to the Board of appeals which means more time without your license because your application will take some time to be processed. The same rules apply at the Board as they do for the Registry.

You need a lawyer to compile the correct, appropriate information and present it to the board in a short concise manner to get the achieved result.